2011 535i

BMW 535i Available at Circle BMW in NJ.

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This unique engine combines a twin-scroll TwinPower Turbo, High Precision direct fuel injection, and – in a first for turbocharged engines – BMW’s Valvetronic variable intake technology that helps the engine “breathe” better. The result: turbo lag is virtually eliminated, while posting one of the most fuel-effi cient ratings in its class. The 2011 BMW 535i TwinPower Turbo develops maximum output of 300 hp at 5800 rpm, redlining at 7000 rpm. Peak torque of 300 lb-ft kicks in almost immediately at 1200 rpm.

It continues to push you back in your seat all the way to 5000 rpm. In just 5.7 seconds you’re easily passing 60 mph – and just as easily surpassing all expectations.

Body Styles and Options

The 2011 BMW 535i, available at NJ BMW dealer, is equipped in a similar fashion but includes 18-inch wheels and adaptive xenon headlights. The 2011 BMW 530i adds leather upholstery, upgraded front seats, parking sensors, auto-dimming mirrors, interior ambiance lighting and a hard-drive-based navigation system with voice controls and real-time traffic. These features are optional for this trim level.

Performance and Safety

The 2011 BMW 535i offers a host of innovative performance-enhancing technologies as well as active and passive safety features that help you get the most pleasure out of every drive.

  • High Precision Direct Fuel Injection.

In this latest-generation direct fuel injection system, the piezo injectors are positioned very close to the spark plugs. They inject fuel at high pressure, with extreme precision, for very effi cient combustion.

  • 8-speed STEPTRONIC Automatic Transmission.

The close spacing of gear ratios in this new 8-speed automatic transmission makes maximum use of the optimum rev range, reducing fuel consumption and allowing smoother shifts.

  • Valvetronic.

BMW’s Valvetronic valve control system improves engine response and refinement, while also helping to reduce fuel consumption. The system helps the engine “breathe” better by providing fully variable lift adjustment of the inlet valves

  • Electric Power Steering.

Unlike conventional, hydraulic steering systems, Electric Power Steering draws power only during actual steering movements. When the steering wheel position is constant, the electric motor is inactive.

  • Brake Energy Regeneration.

In vehicles with Brake Energy Regeneration, the alternator generates electricity only when the driver takes his or her foot off the accelerator. Kinetic energy that was previously unharnessed is transformed into electrical energy, and then fed into the battery. In this way, electricity is generated without consuming fuel.

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